125th Quasquicentennial Celebration
For general information, contact quasquicentennial co-chairs:  Ken Wulff – (605) 293-3277 & Carol Grabin – (605) 293-3212
For event information, contact the committee chairperson(s):
Wagon Train:
 Einer Ness – Home (605) 352-7953 or Cell (605) 350-2774
Parade:  Richard Sinkie – (605) 293-3429
Concessions:  Keith Bridge – (605) 293-3446
Quilt Show:  Carol Grabin – (605) 293-3212
Historic Photo Display:  Arch Beal – (605) 366-1391
Children's Games:  Vivian Rearick – (605) 266-2723
Kids Pedal Tractor Pull:  Ron & Carol Klein – (605) 201-4714
Bean Bag Toss / Buffalo Chip Throwing / Horseshoes:  Arch Beal – (605) 366-1391, Pam Sharping – (605) 680-3638, or Lydell
Krog – (605) 310-6334
Rooster Roping:  Ron & Carol Klein – (605) 201-4714
Street Dance:  Arch Beal – (605) 366-1391 or Ken Wulff – (605) 293-3277
Traffic & Parking:  Wayne Willman – (605) 293-3224
Next meeting: Friday,
July 9th at 8:00 p.m. at
the Gann Valley
Community Center
Gann Valley's 125th Quasquicentennial Celebration
A Home on the Range for 125 Years

Gann Valley is proud to celebrate it’s 125th birthday with a Quasquicentennial
Celebration the weekend of
July 30th – August 1st, 2010.  Everyone is welcome
to come and join in the fun!  Whether you plan to participate in one of the
many family-friendly events or come to renew old friendships,
it promises to be a memorable occasion!

Gann Valley gearing up for a celebration (Reprinted with permission from The Miller Press)
Gann Valley, SD
125th Centennial Logo
Note:  The schedule of events is subject to change.  For more information, contact one of the committee members listed above.  
Click here to download a
printable pdf version.
9:00 a.m.
Wagon Train – Ron Peterson residence, Shelby Road
The Wagon Train will depart from the Ron Peterson residence by the old Shelby store southwest of Gann Valley.  The
Wagon Train will travel cross country, arriving in Gann Valley around 5:00 p.m.  Admission price is $10, which includes
Friday evening's meal.
5:00 p.m.
Wagon Train Supper – North end of Main St. in Wayne Willman's pasture
Supper for Wagon Train participants sponsored by American Bank & Trust, Wessington Springs.  For more
information, or to sign up for the Wagon Train, contact Einer Ness at (605) 352-7953 - home or (605) 350-2774 - cell.
All Day
Special Postal Cancellation - Post Office
Receive a special commemorative postmark for July 31, 2010.  A Cachet Envelope in a plastic sleeve will be available
for sale through the Gann Valley Post Office.  Cost is free if you provide your own envelope, postcard, etc.  Price for the
Cachet Envelope TBD.
All Day
Quilt Raffle
A beautiful double-sided quilt is being raffled off.  One side will display a buffalo star; the other will have the
Quasquicentennial logo.  Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 and are available to purchase from any of the committee
members listed above.  The drawing for the quilt will be held at the Community Supper at the Legion Hall.  Need not be
present to win.
9:00 a.m.
Parade Line-up begins – staging area by the Legion Hall
There is no charge to enter the parade.  To submit a parade entry, contact Richard Sinkie at (605) 293-3429.
10:00 a.m.
Parade begins – Legion Hall
The parade route will begin at the Legion Hall and travel 1 block south on Dakota Avenue, turning left (east) on Osman
Avenue; Go 2 blocks and turn right (south) on Finucane Avenue; Continue 2 blocks and turn left (east) on Buffalo
Avenue; Go 1 block and turn left (north) on Main Street.  The parade will travel north on Main Street and turn left (west) at
Ken's Service, traveling up the hill on Moulton Avenue back to the Legion Hall.
12:00 p.m.
Concessions Will be available throughout the day.  There is a $50 vendor fee to set up a concession stand.  For
more information, contact Keith Bridge at (605) 293-3446.
1:00 p.m.
Quilt Show – First Congregational Church
There is no charge to display a quilt or attend the show.  To submit a quilt(s) for display, contact Carol Grabin at (605)
1:00 p.m.
Historic Photo Display – First Congregational Church
Take a walk down memory lane as you browse through historic photos of Gann Valley & the local area.  The photos will
be on display throughout the day.  To loan a photo(s) for display, contact Arch Beal at (605) 366-1391.
1:00 p.m.
Games begin – Courthouse Lawn
Free admission for all games.

Children's Games – Sack Race, 3-Legged Race, Tug-of-War, Face Painting, Water Balloon Toss & many more!  For
more information, contact Vivian Rearick at (605) 266-2723.

Kids Pedal Tractor Pull – State sanctioned kid's pedal tractor pull for children, age groups 4-12, girls & boys.  Trophies
and medals awarded.  Top finisher in each age group eligible to advance to the state competition.  (Note: if contestant
turns 13 before Sept. 1st, they will be ineligible to participate at state.)  Event sponsored by Noteboom Implement,
Chamberlain.  For more information, contact Ron & Carol Klein at (605) 201-4714.

Bean Bag Toss / Buffalo Chip Throwing / Horseshoes – Trophies awarded to top finishers in each event.  For more
information, contact Arch Beal – (605) 366-1391, Pam Sharping – (605) 680-3638, or Lydell Krog – (605) 310-6334.

Rooster Roping – Try your luck at lassoing these feathered fryers... err, flyers!  Headers equipped with small ropes will
attempt to gently lasso roosters and lead them to the heelers.  Roosters and lariats provided.  For more information,
contact Ron & Carol Klein at (605) 201-4714.
Don't forget your lawn chairs & sun screen!
5:00 p.m.
Community Supper – Legion Hall
Meal catered by "What's for DINNER" will include roast beef sandwiches, buffalo bbq, baked beans, chips & a pickle for
$5.  Koolaid & iced tea free.  $1 for a can of pop, or $2 with a commemorative tumbler.
9:00 p.m.
Street Dance – Fire Hall
$5 admission.  Live music provided by local favorite, South Hand Band.  No beer or coolers allowed.  Bring your own
bottle; the Abernathy American Legion Post #16 will be selling beer and set-ups (ice included).  For more information,
contact Arch Beal – (605) 366-1391 or Ken Wulff – (605) 293-3277.
10:00 a.m.
Church Service – First Congregational Church
The quasquicentennial celebration will culminate in a joyous all-church service - a wonderful time of worship for the
entire family.
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Commemorative souvenirs are now available to purchase.  Click here to view red & white logo items:  Commemorative ouvenirs